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Why I skipped a big blogger trip

It’s happened before, and I’m sure it will happen again. But it just leaves me shaking my head.

On a recent weekend, when I was supposed to be half-way across the country being wined and dined and learning about some products that I have a genuine interest in, I was instead at home with my family. Which isn’t a bad consolation prize. But the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth and a bias against ever working with the company involved, and the PR team that set it up.

I’d had this trip on my calendar for months, and as the trip got closer I asked for details about out-of-pocket expenses. Now, on past trips my expenses have been higher because I’ve needed child care (and if you want to know my stance on that, read this). But since this trip was over a weekend, the only expenses I would have that would be coming directly from me would be transportation to and from LaGuardia airport, about $80 total. I did not get an answer – it simply wasn’t addressed in the next email.

As airplane reservations were about to be made I asked again about airport transportation. I was told that they were not able to pay for that. I responded with this:

Hi XXX, is there any room for negotiation with transportation? I’m sure you can understand how fast expenses add up – getting to and from LGA will be almost $100. While I’m looking forward to next weekend and learning more about XXX, I don’t like the idea of paying out of my own pocket to promote a product. I’m not even asking to be paid for an entire weekend of my time or other expenses related to me leaving my kids for the weekend, just the expenses directly related to the trip.

The PR person’s response:

I completely understand your concerns.  However, we are only able to accommodate travel to and from the airport in XXX.  We feel that the [event]will be valuable outside of and unrelated to product promotion–and we hope that you’ll still be able to join us!

So that was it, then. I was getting a free trip, so I should just be grateful for that and pay my own way to the airport. I declined the trip.

There’s an idea that giving bloggers a trip is some kind of payment. And if the trip is to a vacation destination, I can totally see making that argument. But when you are being brought somewhere to spend a couple of days meeting people from a company and learning about their products, that’s not my idea of a vacation. That’s work, no matter how many nice meals it’s built around. And the fact that I’m not even asking for compensation for the time still doesn’t sit right with me. So to not even get all of my expenses paid for is completely unacceptable. Besides, there’s absolutely nothing stopping me from writing about their products – I don’t need their help for that.

This is not a company I’d ever worked with before. This was not a company dangling future work in front of me. This was presented completely as a get-to-know-us weekend. There are companies that could invite me somewhere and I would likely pay for my own airfare, let alone car service, because we have a relationship. I’ve been working with them for a while. I trust them. I know that good will come out of the trip and I’m not worried. But this was not that. And now it likely never will be. Their loss.

Did I shoot myself in the foot? Do they now have me on a big list of bloggers they’ll never work with? Were they planning on announcing during the trip that they wanted to work with all of us long-term? I don’t really care. Because if they’re not willing to pay my expenses to come meet them on their terms and in their city, how likely is it that they would be generous and great to work with down the line?

Until we all take a stand against this kind of thing, it will continue. I’m sure they found someone else to take my place. I’m sure there are many people who would jump at an (almost) all-expense paid trip, albeit one where their schedule won’t be their own the entire time they’re gone. But by writing this, if you’re one of those people who would’ve taken the trip, or many others like it, I hope you’ll ask yourself next time: What am I really going to get out of this? Is unpaid time away from work and family worth it to me, when they don’t even respect me enough to cover my expenses?

Do this kind of thing often enough, and it will just become the cost of doing business – for you. You won’t even notice how much they’re taking advantage of you.

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4 Responses to “Why I skipped a big blogger trip”

  1. elizabeth traub on February 1st, 2012 12:51 pm

    Not sure my thoughts on this one. I worked as a consultant for over 10 years and every once in a while I run up against a company like this. I have to admit, that I have opted to pay out of pocket, as I did not want to miss a thing. Sometimes, the new companies, the unknowns, want to see your level of commitment. Kind of like “are you willing to go the extra mile for us.” I actually had a company, an unknown, hand me a check at the end of my time. It was one I was grumbling over pay my transportation from the airport into the city. It’s a tough call, and easy to make when business is strong and good. Those trips out of the NYC airports are spendy. A tip, find a hotel close to where you are going and take their shuttle. It is always about 1/3 of the cost. shhhhh don’t tell anyone I have done that.
    elizabeth traub´s last [type] ..Designer Picks of the Week


    Amy Reply:

    @elizabeth traub, I appreciate your comment, but I don’t agree with it. If a company wants to know my commitment, there are better ways to find out than that. My time is much too valuable to gamble on something like this. This isn’t a game, it’s my business. And while I’m always willing to spend money where it makes sense, this doesn’t make sense to me.


  2. Molly Gold on February 1st, 2012 5:52 pm

    I am so disappointed when a brand reaches out to me with the expectation that in order to have the honor of learning more about them, that I’d be willing to pay to play. There is no other business forum I know of where business people are expected to pay to network or evangelize a brand without any kind of business partnership in place. There will always be another brand event, and hopefully one that pays at minimum for your travel, accommodations, and basic necessities. When done well, these are events worth our time and should always carry the promise of further opportunity. If this is not the case, then how can I explain to my family that a trip away from them that doesn’t positively impact my business and our well being was a good decision?


  3. Gabby on February 3rd, 2012 12:08 am

    What an experienced for you. If I were on your shoe, I will do the same. They should clarify all the details first before so that we can decide if we can go or not.
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