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Full Disclosure disclosure policy:

This policy is valid from October 23rd, 2009 and may be changed at any time, without notice.  This policy is valid for and all subdomains. This policy is not retroactive and posts made before October 23rd do not necessarily adhere to these policies.  Small changes and additions may be made to this policy without being noted in any special way in the text. is a personal blog written and edited by Amy, aka Selfish Mom. For questions about this blog, please contact


This blog accepts many forms of compensation, including (but not limited to) paid posts, sponsorships, advertising, products, and trips.

The compensation Amy receives may influence the advertising content, links, or post topics of this blog, but will never influence Amy’s opinions on any subject or product.

If a reader clicks on a link or advertisement on and subsequently makes a purchase on that website, or uses a discount code found on, Amy may receive some form of compensation (cash or otherwise) from that company or website.

Compensation Levels

[If you'd like to get your own version of these compensation levels to use on your own blog, please go here.]

Compensation levels will be stated clearly at the end of any post that mentions a product, service or location that is covered by any of the levels listed below (or possibly within a post if there are many products listed, such as a gift list).  If no compensation level is listed, it is to be assumed that there was no compensation involved with the post or any products, services or locations mentioned in the post.  For the purposes of these levels Amy does not consider transportation to and from a local event, or food consumed at an event, as compensation.  Compensation refers to cash, gift certificates, products, or services.

  • Level 0: Amy has no significant relationship with any product, service or brand mentioned in this post.
  • Level 1: The product or service mentioned was provided to Amy free of charge (or at a considerable discount not available to the public).
  • Level 2: The product or service mentioned was provided to Amy free of charge and Amy was compensated to post about the product or service.*
  • Level 3: Amy was compensated for inserting links from a specific website into this post.
  • Level 4: Amy was compensated for including a product in pictures or videos in this post.
  • Level 5: Amy was compensated for attending the event mentioned in this post.
  • Level 6: Amy was compensated for posting about the event mentioned in this post.
  • Level 7: Amy was provided with transportation, food, lodging, tickets, and/or other incidentals for the trip mentioned in this post.
  • Level 8: Although not specifically compensated for this post, Amy has an ongoing relationship with a company or person connected with a product, service or location mentioned in this post that Amy feels may have influenced her decision to post about it.
  • Level 9: Products or services were provided to Amy to give away in a contest.
  • Level 10: Products or services were provided to Amy to give away in a contest and to keep for her own use or for review.
  • Level 11: Amy was compensated for administering this contest.
  • Level 12: The product or service mentioned advertises directly with
  • Level 13: This is a sponsored post.  Amy was compensated to write this post.  While Amy’s opinions in the post are authentic, talking points may have been suggested by the sponsor.*
  • Level 14: Amy is under contract with the company, product or service mentioned in this post. While not specifically paid for this post, she is paid by the company to attend events and write about the company/product/service. She receives free samples of the product, special access to the company, and all of her costs are covered when attending events related to the company.
  • Level 15: Amy works for the company mentioned in the post on a freelance basis.
  • Level 16: Amy received special treatment at the event mentioned as a member of the media that was not available to the general public.
  • Level 17: Amy is participating in a contest sponsored by the company mentioned in the post, and has the potential to win cash and/or prizes.

* A note about paid vs. sponsored posts: a paid post simply means that Amy was given some kind of compensation in exchange for writing about a product or service.  A sponsored post indicates that the sponsoring company had a much bigger hand in crafting the post, possibly including suggesting talking points, or seeing and fact checking the finished post before it is published.  In either case, all opinions are Amy’s own.


If Amy is given free products of minimal value at a conference, event or meeting that are being given to all attendees, such as bags, books, water bottles, small product samples, coupons, etc., she does not consider these items as compensation and will not necessarily disclose them when talking about a product.


The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely Amy’s own, unless otherwise stated. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. If Amy quotes from a press release or other source, that content will be clearly marked.

Amy does not have control of which products, services or locations appear in advertisements hosted by third parties, and is not influenced in any way by these advertisements.

Amy is not responsible for anything that happens to anyone as a result of following her advice or reviews, or purchasing a product or service as a result of visiting


Amy reserves the right to remove any comment that she sees fit, for any reason, including but not limited to her mood that particular day. Comments are likely to be removed if they are abusive to another commenter, an advertiser, or a sponsor, or if they appear to have been left mostly for the purpose of promoting another website, blog or business, or if they promote a business that competes with an advertiser or sponsor.

While Amy welcomes constructive criticism and opposing points of view, comments left for the sole purpose of being insulting will be removed.

All links in the comments section are followed, so if it has even the faintest whiff of spam, it will be removed, or edited to remove the link or the Comment Luv. Comments such as “LOL!” “OMG!” and “I agree!” that appear to have been posted solely to take advantage of getting a link back may be removed.

In cases where the number of comments left matters (such as for giveaways), Amy may condense multiple comments from a single person. For example, if a commenter was asked to include a link and did not, then added the link in a second comment, those two comments would likely be combined.


Amy often tweets about products or services she has been compensated for, or companies she has an ongoing relationship with. If Amy is paid specifically to Tweet about a product or service, she will append the tweet with *ad, short for advertisement.

When tweeting about a product or service that Amy has received free of charge for review, or at a significant discount not available to the public, she will add *samp to the tweet, short for sample.

When tweeting about a product or service where Amy has any kind of significant financial relationship with the company, she will add *spon to the tweet, short for sponsored.

When tweeting about a trip or experience where Amy is with a group of press or bloggers that is getting special treatment not available to the public, she will add *press to the tweet.

When linking to a product or service with an affiliate-type link (where Amy will make money directly from a reader purchasing something via the link) that she recommends in a tweet,she will add *aff to the tweet, short for affiliated.

When in doubt, it’s safest to assume that Amy received some kind of compensation or has a relationship with a company or product that she tweets about. Amy has relationships with, or has received products and services from, the following companies, and while not specifically compensated to tweet about them, her tweets may be influenced by her relationships with these companies (this list does not include every company Amy has a relationship with, just the ones she’s worked with on major campaigns or multiple times, and is likely to tweet about because of that relationship; this list may be added to at any time without notice):

  • Activision (including Tony Hawk RIDE)
  • Adidas MiCoach
  • Casio
  • Disney (including Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line)
  • Dr. Pepper/Snapple
  • eBay/eBay Classifieds
  • Frigidaire
  • Hebrew National
  • Hidden Valley Ranch
  • Intel
  • Juice Box Jungle/Deal of the Day
  • Kleenex
  • Kodak
  • Microsoft (including XBox, Office, and many different kinds of hardware and software)
  • Nintendo (including Wii and DS)
  • Panasonic
  • Rock Band
  • Tropicana Orange Juice
  • Ubisoft (including Your Shape)

It’s also possible that clicking on a link in a tweet will lead to an page or other page where Amy will receive some sort of compensation if you buy something.  If a link leads to a purchasing page, it’s safest to assume that this is the case.

In Closing

If Amy says something especially funny or profound, it was probably stolen from an episode of Friends, Will & Grace, Frasier, or West Wing, and will not be identified as such.  Amy would rather leave you with the impression that she is witty.